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e.vorgespräch online service for conversation preparation
 – our premium service for you


e.vorgespräch is our pioneering online service for conversation preparation for your professional preparation of communicative business situations.

In the frame of the e.vorgespräch sessions you experience your important communicative business situations in advance and practice specific action alternatives for these situations.


Explanations regarding our further services are found within our service matrix:

Situation Examples

    You want to…

  • ...prepare an important conversation in your hotel the evening before, e.g. a sales negotiation or a presentation on a fair.
  • ...successfully address and discuss technical problems within your current project.
  • prepared for coming (crisis-) discussions with superiors, colleagues, subordinates, customers or business partners.
  • ...prepare the collaboration within a technical or mixed project team.
  • ...practice the opening of a critical meeting including your experience from previous conflicts for a positive approach in order to change the situation.
  • prepared concerning other communicative (conflictual) situations in your daily technical business.

e.vorgespräch in keywords

  • Online conversation preparation service
  • To prepare specific situations & to develop competence
  • Methodical diversity from consulting, coaching & training
  • Individually tailored
  • For individuals and groups
  • Unique on the market


Service Description

Do you think that e.vorgespräch is worth a try?

  • Then take advantage of one of our non-binding vorgespräch trial offers: an e.vorgespräch introductory session.