• Graduate engineer (FH) – Computer engineering
  • Co-founder and CSO, CUSATUM Service GmbH

Current Professional Activities

Specialist in the area of access rights management

  • Support, development and consulting in the implementation of role and access rights
  • Cleanup of the role and authorization structure before the introduction of an IDM, IAM,
    access rights management tools
  • Design, development and implementation of access rights management workshops
  • Introduction, extension and support of access rights management solutions
  • Development of an intelligent suite for cleaning up role and access rights problems

Dipl.-Ing. Mike Wiedemann

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My passion is customer satisfaction. I also go the extra mile for satisfied customers!

Professional experience

Co-founder and CSO at CUSATUM Service GmbH

Consulting, implementation, coaching and training of role and access rights concepts onboarding and
offboarding workflows at companies like VW, Kuka, CapriSun

  • Analyze the ACTUAL situation of permissions on the File Server, SharePoint, Exchange, O365
    and Azure
  • Cleanup of the access rights structures
  • Development of a concept so that the employees themselves can manage their rights
  • Support and advice on cleaning up the access rights structure to roll out a clean role or
    access rights concept. The goal is to create an automated and standardized on- and offboarding
    process to keep clean the access rights structures in the long term.

Head of Service and Support at Protected Networks GmbH (today SolarWinds)

  • Support for technical problems with the product 8MAN /ARM (Access Rights Manager)
  • Product training for 8MAN / ARM (Access Rights Manager)
  • Workshops for access rights management

Development at Protected Networks GmbH (today Soklarwinds)

  • One of the first employees and main developer of the software 8MAN / ARM (Access Rights

Technical Key Account Professional at Tektonix

  • Support and consulting of Vodafone, Siemens and Ericsson in mobile phone problems using
    the mobile phone protocol analysis of Tektronix
  • Support with technical problems of the mobile phone protocol analyser

Development of graphical user interfaces at Siemens and Tektronix

  • Development of a new user interface for the Mobile Protocol Analyser
  • Main contact person for technical problems

Software Tester at Teles AG

  • Main responsible for testing the ISDN telephone software