We are a “small but mighty” consulting company consisting of three persons. With high commitment and mutual appreciation we bring our various qualifications into our work. Our cooperation has already been proved in many projects.

Our team members are:

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Georg Steffen II

Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Berufspäd. Georg Steffen

 Conflict and Communication Consultant

“Everything depends on successful communication and conflict resolution!”

Dipl.-Ing. Katrin Mehrer

Co-Consultant for Conflict Communication

“A working atmosphere in which people can work together constructively is a fundamental need for me!”

Dipl.-Ing. Mike Wiedemann


“My passion is customer satisfaction. I also go the extra mile for satisfied customers”.

vorgespräch Netzwerk

In order to fulfil your requirement entirely by our vorgespräch services, external competences might be useful. Especially in the frame of greater communication projects, other service suppliers with special experts could enrich our service. In that case, we organize supplementary external experts from our vorgespräch network for the optimized realisation of your service (or if necessary, completely external). So you always receive the complete one-stop service by us.