For the implementation of your vorgespräch services, the following supplementary services might be useful. Therefore we also offer these services in „vorgespräch quality”. By this you receive all services including the following supplements in one-stop form.

Training and Consultancy for Online Collaboration Technology

As far as we use online methods within the frame of our vorgespräch services, we preferably explain online tool issues in the moment you need them. If this shouldn’t be possible or effective, we offer the option of a systematic training in online technology. This might make sense for you, if you respectively your colleagues want to feel more secure in using this kind of tools, if you want to offer a technical basis regarding online collaboration for your group or if you want to get a feeling for the opportunities, risks and challenges of online collaboration as a basis for future use.

business man having a conversation via webcam.

Video and audio production and editing

In many of our on-site and online vorgespräch service scenarios we use video recordings, e.g. of role-plays or presentations. Depending on the service we offer the opportunity to receive produced videos including recordings of communicative situations with you or your group. We also offer these videos after the service to support a sustained learning. Another option for you is to use them as information and working basis in the frame of a communication project. Of course, all your data are treated in most confidential manner!

Medien Design

We produce the media and documents of our vorgespräch service thoroughly and with the pleasure to work out details – not only regarding the facts but regarding the design, too. Sure, documents might not be the core of communicative services, but anyway they are an important factor in the overall picture. In this area professional experience of many year´s standing characterize our team in this area, and we use it for the media support of our services and place it at your disposal.