With all our services we support you with regard to your business communication.
The basis of our work is your practical use and your business success!

The following attributes specify our services:

  • Made by technicians for technicians

    We are technicians ourselves; all vorgespräch team members have a qualified professional technical background and it is vital for us to keep in constant touch with technical innovation.

  • Focused on the practice of your daily technical business

    All our custom-tailored services enable you to communicate and work successfully in your daily technical business. The results of our consulting offers are characterized by their good translation into practice.

  • Individually tailored to your particular needs

    You receive exactly what you need – nothing else. We entirely tailor our services with regard to contents and methods to your particular individual needs.

  • Various, flexible and up-to-date methods

    We combine methods from consulting, coaching, training, mediation and organizational development. With pleasure we help you to decide whether your intention will be realized best by our on-site service, our virtual online service or a combination of both.

  • Intercultural communication

    We have experience in consultancy work all over the world with persons of very different cultural background – on-site and online. Dealing with intercultural groups and issues is a satisfying and motivating challenge for us.

  • Modern learning technology

    We use modern service methods and technology including different kinds of virtual online services. The decision which technology will be used depends on its suitability for the special learning process.

  • Experience

    We understand our business, are well-trained and experienced in what we are doing. Our vorgespräch team has successfully been cooperating for years.

  • Confidence

    Mutual confidence between you and us is an essential success factor of our services for you.
    Our trial offers facilitate a risk-free start for you into a good cooperation with us.